Stories making headlines across New Zealand this morning apart from the Olympics and the Tongariro eruption include a teen who randomly tabbed tourists, Tame Iti's prison art works and a drunk father who tried to snatch his baby daughter from hospital.

In an angry mood as the result of an argument at his home, Jason Jordan McKenzie took a 25cm kitchen knife with him to the Taupo town centre and started randomly stabbing strangers.

Olympic gold medalist Mahe Drysdale had two special supporters accompanying him in London.

The length of a 35-year permit allowing sewage to be discharged into Hawke Bay is being challenged. Meanwhile, there's a strong smell of sulphur in Hawke's Bay.


Does increased volcanic activity concern you?

A teenage father went to Hawke's Bay Hospital drunk and tried to snatch his infant daughter in a dispute with the baby's mother.

Meanwhile, Hawke's Bay Police have discovered social media.

Tuhoe activist Tame Iti has been painting works of art from prison.

A Tauranga police officer who had blood spat into his face and inside his police car by a man he was arresting has described the incident as "pretty foul" and "alarming".

A Masterton street where a car smashed into a concrete power pole, cutting power to nearly 1200 homes, is plagued by boy racers.

A Gisborne family are counting their blessings after fire destroyed their home and everything they owned during the weekend.

Rotorua band Strangely Arousing are on a mission to go all the way.

Some cattle had to be put down after the truck they were travelling in caught fire in Waikato.

Pat and Ray Gibson have every reason to fear a telephone call late at night.

Meanwhile, an Ashburton woman made a really well timed visit to Kiwi House in London this week.

Allegations and threats flew at a Dunedin City Council meeting which apparently erupted yesterday.

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei took an opportunity yesterday to look at the controversial Lookout Point land.

The West Coast's only Maori health provider is reportedly teetering on the brink of insolvency.

Top trending topics on Twitter in NZ at Noon include #MSL, #tongariro, #Curiosity, Val, Belarus, White Island, Germany, New Zealand, Aussies and Sydney.