A West Auckland resident is questioning the fairness of the Super City's rubbish charges.

He says a move between suburbs landed him with a $111-a-year cost for rubbish bags compared with $11.20 when she lived in Mangere.

Kishor Kumar said in Mangere black bags for rubbish cost about $1.20 for five.

"Now in New Lynn I have to buy special labelled bags to dispose of the rubbish and they cost $2.15 each.


"If we are in the Super City why the difference?"

The anomaly endures despite the Super City merger in November 2010.

Mangere residents are still under the rubbish collection system of the former Manukau City Council where the collection is paid through rates rather than the user pays system of pre-paid bags which New Lynn uses.

This was the system used by the former Waitakere City Council which ruled New Lynn.

The system has not changed with the merging of the councils.

Any change to a user-pays for all system is not expected until 2015.

The Auckland Council was legally required to continue the inherited rubbish systems of the former councils until it brings in its new waste management and minimisation plan, said infrastructure and environmental services manager, John Dragicevich.

The plan is going to the council for adoption on June 8 and urges a regional standard for waste services and the way households pay for them.

"This is likely to occur from 2015, as existing contracts expire.

"In the interim, the former councils' differing services will continue to be delivered and the former councils' associated proportion of user charges, targeted rates and general rates funding will apply."