Noticeboard posting at Countdown in Howick which is guaranteed to put a smile on your dial. It seems to have worked for two locals anyway.

Foot-in-mouth syndrome

A reader writes: "I bet ASH was on the phone to the producers of TV One's Breakfast after presenter Corin Dann admitted to being a 'social smoker' ... Given how bent out of shape the La Leche League got over Piri and that baby bottle. Never, ever admit you are a fag sucker Corin! Social or addict. You're a role model! Just watch how all manner of grief rains down on him because of it. Like Norm Hewitt you will have to manufacture some tears and publicly repent. Oh, and in other morning presenter news: on the new, very Auckland-ified Good Morning I think I heard presenter Rod Cheeseman say, 'Roll me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians' ... Maybe the producers would like to make that happen for the viewers?"

Ungreening of dog droppings


Liz French of Tauranga writes: "I have been walking my neighbour's lovely labrador this week, with a plastic bag in my pocket like a responsible citizen. My partner pointed out that I am picking up perfectly biodegradable poo which would be back to the earth in days if not hours, putting it in a non-biodegradable bag, depositing it in a bin to be picked up by a truck and taken to a landfill where it will probably take years to break down encased in plastic. Stupid huh!"

Humour injection finds nurses

You don't have to look far for a good-natured dose of contemporary sexism: Sweden's Stockholm South General Hospital advertised for nurses who are "motivated", "professional" ... and "TV-series hot". The nursing manager claims the hospital simply wanted their ad to stand out and explains that the ad's wording came directly from a satisfied patient, who was quoted in a newspaper praising the facility's "TV-series hot" nurses. The nursing manager clarifies: "being good looking is no requirement at all. We put out an ad looking for interest and we got a great response. We want a nurse who is qualified and good at their job, regardless of looks."