Kate Hiney, 24, sees the event as a great excuse for a sibling road trip with her English brother, sister and a flatmate.

"We have had an absolutely crazy trip so far. The night of the opening ceremony was completely amazing and insane with the 600-man haka and the Tongan fans," says Kate, a dive instructor from Dorset.

"We had a blast, I haven't seen anything like it.

"We are supporting England obviously, but after the opening night and seeing the crazy and wonderful Tongan fans, we will be supporting Tonga as well."


The four are staying with friends in Taupo and have tickets for the bronze final at Eden Park.

"My family is rugby mad and we used to live in New Zealand years ago, so the sibling road trip is an excuse to come back here and have some fun."

Last night the four attended the Australia-Ireland game, starting at Party Central and making their way up to Eden Park.

"The atmosphere is fantastic and Kiwis are so laid-back."

After the final, the four will head to Australia where Kate will seek work around Cairns as a diving instructor.