Two men are dead in a double homicide at a three-level mansion in the Auckland suburb of Mt Albert.

Detective Inspector Bruce Shadbolt told media police are talking to a third male who is an occupant of the address and are not looking for anyone else in relation to the deaths.

Police were called at about 11am and found one man dead in the driveway of the property at Stilwell Rd. On entering the house they found another man seriously injured. The second man died a short time later.

Police say two weapons were found at the scene.

They are yet to identify the two deceased found at the Stilwell Rd address, which is valued at more than $2.2 million.

Earlier, a Herald reporter at the scene said one of the bodies could be seen covered in a white sheet in the driveway.

Armed detectives were initially at the address but have now left.

Police have secured a vehicle parked outside the address.

ESR scientists arrived about 1.30pm and are laying stepping plates to preserve evidence.

Neighbours have described the family who live at the Stilwell address as private. They said it was a closeknit neighbourhood but the family did not interact with neighbours.

They had been in the house for about two years.