For Rebecca Algie the Manawatu Gorge slip has hit hard.

The 27 year-old owner of the Bridge Cafe says her business relies on people who are using the gorge stopping for a bite to eat

"We would probably get 150 people through per day, and now it's 25 - 30."

Ms Algie is angry she had to find out via social media that there had been a slip at the gorge.


The nearby school got a call from NZTA, but she wasn't shown the same courtesy

"Nothing at all, not one phone call. Not one."

It is not the first time the gorge closures have affected her business

In 2011, she was forced to close for nine months.

She says the hardest part was telling her staff they were out of a job.

It's something she'd be reluctant to do again.

"I've got an amazing team of staff at the moment, and they are all super understanding. Some of them even offered to work for free. I feel pretty thankful," says Ms Algie

In 2011, the Manawatu Gorge was closed for 13 months when torrential rain brought down 370,000 cubic meters of debris.

NTZA says they are sorry, and are doing the best they can.

"I apologise to her then, and I will get hold of her today and let her know we are still on track," says Ross I'Anson, Investment and planning manager.

The gorge will reopen on the 18th of May, when the 3000 cubic meters of debris has been cleared.

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