Hannah Gough was planning on staying home and watching herself on Survivor NZ with family and friends.

Now Whangarei locals will have the chance to watch the reality TV show with the Whangarei contestant at a public event hosted by The Old Stone Butter Factory tomorrow.

"I'm nervous and excited. I know what I do but it's the first time I'm viewing it [and it] is with the public so I'm nervous," she said.

The 27-year-old is one of 16 contestants - out of 7500 applicants- in the debut series of Survivor New Zealand, based in the jungle of Nicaragua, which airs tomorrow.


Since Ms Gough was announced as a contestant on the show her face has popped up on television, online and in the newspaper.

The attention has meant people have been approaching the kindergarten teacher and plus-sized model in the street to show their support.

"The reaction has been amazing. I feel privileged to be a voice for curvy women, it's just amazing. The kids where I work keep watching the promo clip and they call me Princess Hannah and say 'Miss there's Princess Hannah on TV'."

Ms Gough had watched a few seasons of Survivor but when she found out she would be on the show she watched every single Survivor challenge that was available on YouTube.

She reckoned eating challenges could prove difficult but as a roller derby player and power lifter she said her perseverance would get her through.

Ms Gough said punters could bring shirts to the screening on Sunday if they wanted #bringtheglamourhammer - a hashtag her friend created - printed on the tees.

People would also be able to get photos with Ms Gough.

"It's a family friendly event too, some kids from work will be coming."

A TVNZ spokeswoman said filming in Nicaragua wrapped up in September last year but the "game" is still in play as the winner is yet to be announced.

Ms Gough thought she could win the competition.