Northland has experienced its hottest temperatures of summer in the past few days and experts say the muggy weather is likely to continue for the rest of the week.

On Saturday Kaitaia experienced a high of 27C, the high in Whangarei was 28C, in Kaikohe it was 28.3C and in Dargaville it was 28.1C. Metservice meteorologist Ciaran Doolin said the temperatures were not only the highest of the month, but of the season for Northland.

"The trend is the temperatures in the last couple of days have been the hottest days in summer," he said "We're well on track for more warm days."

But with humidity levels of 90-100 per cent in the region, Northlanders have been struggling in the heat and night time has not been much easier.


"For the last couple of days [the overnight lows] haven't dipped much below 15C to 19C which is really warm," he said.

Mr Doolin said the hight temperatures and high humidity levels meant it felt sticky and muggy in the region.

"Basically it's this air mass over the North Island and it makes things feel hotter because in this weather our bodies struggle to evaporate sweat," he said.

A 27C high was recorded for both Kaitaia and Whangarei yesterday. Mr Doolin said Northlanders can expect this weather to continue for the next three or four days.

"It's looking fairly warm with temperatures in the mid to late 20s. The overnight temperatures are looking to stay around 18C to 19C for the rest of the week."

Mr Doolin said the high humidity levels were also expected to continue. He said to survive this weather he advised Northlanders to go for lots of swims, keep out of the sun, and do whatever you can to stay cool.