What looked like a giant metal caterpillar stopped traffic as it crept along the road from Northport to Refining New Zealand at Marsden Point.

A new Continuous Catalyst Regeneration Platformer (CCR) regenerator arrived in the country as four modules on-board HHL New York last Thursday, with the slow job of edging it on to the refinery site taking place on Friday and Saturday.

The equipment weighs 676 tonnes in total, with the biggest of the four modules 304 tonnes, 45 metres long, eight metres wide and 10 metres high.

The modules were made in South Korea.


As part of the $365 million expansion to the refinery, the CCR replaces the 1960s petrol processing unit, increasing capacity by three million barrels of crude a year and lifting the refinerys capabilities up to 80 per cent of New Zealand's fuel needs.

Two massive oil tanks were removed to make way for it.