A 20-year-old man was granted name suppression and bail when he appeared briefly in court over the theft of a cash box from a Wellington bus driver who was found dying next to his bus on Friday.

The unemployed man appeared in Lower Hutt District Court this morning.

He and a 17-year-old youth were charged with theft, on Sunday.

Police initially launched a homicide investigation after the body of Herman Curry was found with head injuries beside his bus at the Waterloo bus depot on Friday night.


His cash box, with $153.50 in it, was missing.

Following a post-mortem examination, police said Mr Curry did not die as a result of any assault.

The 20-year-old was remanded on bail to reappear in court on May 15 and was granted interim name suppression.

The 17-year-old will not appear in court until Thursday.