The Anglia 105E is an everyday classic, writes Jacqui Madelin

Patience paid off for Justin Marsh when he bought this 1967 Ford Anglia 105E.

"I'd been stalking the old boy who owned it, and I'd see him in his regular gas station and stick my business card under his wiper," says Justin.

"It turned out the owner planned to give the car to his granddaughter when she got her licence. I offered to buy a 323 Mazda for her, but he was convinced she wanted the Anglia."

Three years later she called. She was off on her OE and her grandfather insisted Justin got first refusal.


That was 15 years ago, and it joined a stable of 21 cars and the majority are in running order.

Justin has a soft spot for the Anglia, which was his first car.

"A few of us car-collecting guys had an Anglia as their first," he says. He's an electrician and the others include panel beaters, painters, mechanics, almost anything a car-owner could need, all based in one New Lynn backwater under the title Automotivation.

"When you find a job you love you never have to work a day in your life, that's what we're trying to do," he says, and no wonder his Anglia isn't quite what it seems.

The cabin is completely standard bar the steering wheel, which was a birthday gift from his mother for his first car.

"Usually they have that great big wheel but it's tricky getting your legs under it and this smaller one made it easier for me to drive," he says. "A small wheel without power steering can make manoeuvring hard work but the car only weighs 900kg, so it's no problem."

Other changes include Austin Princess calipers and Escort Brembo disc brakes up front.

The GT Cortina items in the rear are controlled by a 180B Datsun master cylinder.

Escort-style wheel rims are included, plus an upgraded suspension.

"I removed the rear hydraulic chicken leg things [the damper fitted to the leaf spring] and fitted Commodore dampers with shortened 315 Consul struts on the front, and Escort coil springs with Audi gas inserts in the struts, it's quite a combination."

Justin has been thinking about a motor transplant. Though he'll keep the original motor, he is thinking about a supercharged MX-5 engine and gearbox, in place of the wee 997cc and its manual four-speed, something that means he won't have to "butcher" it.

"I've got another firewall to make the new motor fit, but I'll be able to put it all back."

Justin has owned 10 Anglias now, he says, and joined the Anglia club a couple of years ago.

"One of them has 12 in his collection, mind you it's an enthusiasts' club, not everyone can afford to own the cars, or they're not available. "It's not about the marque, it's about the enthusiasm, we're all car people."

It's a doddle to drive at round-town speeds though less so on the open road. When it's reading 100km/h it's actually doing 85km/h, the upside being the modest motor's frugal thirst. It will drink around 7.1l/100km.

The Anglia makes a great everyday classic and Justin drives it regularly, on Anglia runs, all-Ford days, and as far afield as Taupo.

It's not his daily driver, but he's happy to get out and about in it. "I've got a couple of friends who don't get their cars wet or dirty, but you've got to use them.

"The Anglia's perfect for when you need to be brought back a bit.

"Smaller classics seem to bring the worst out in impatient people, but you also get smiles, toots and stories in this one," he said.

Of course the model is now famous for its role in the Harry Potter films, but for many like Justin, it will remain forever their first car.