Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced record sales results in China. The company sold just over 300,000 automobiles, as well as 950,000 motorcycles.

Suzuki has a long history in China. It established Changan Suzuki with Changan Automobile Co in 1993, and the joint venture has been producing and distributing numerous vehicles - including the Cultus, Swift (pictured), and SX4 - for nearly 20 years.

The strong sales result comes as the company plans to expand its dealer network in China from the current 1200 dealers to more than 1500 in the next two years.

The dealer development will match the company's investment in manufacturing - construction has started on a second plant.


Changan Suzuki's existing plant in Banan District, Chongqing has an annual production capacity of just over 250,000 units.

The addition of the second plant will double annual capacity to more than 500,000 units by 2014, and meet the growing demand for Suzuki products in China.

Suzuki is confident of generating annual sales of at least 500,000 units in China by 2017.