A voluntary code of conduct for wheel clamping is being developed after a meeting of Consumer Affairs Minister Simon Bridges and parking enforcement companies in Auckland yesterday at Mr Bridges' instigation.

The announcement follows a series of cases about wheel-clamping highlighted recently by the Herald.

Mr Bridges met the main clampers, Tournament, Wilsons and Comprise Group (New Zealand Wheel Clamping Ltd), in Auckland on Monday.

The new code would set out the minimum standards and good practice that wheel clamping companies would abide by, he said.


"It will continue to protect the rights of private landowner while giving clarity to consumer about what they can expect from these wheel clamping operators," he said.

The issue had been of growing concern and interest.

"I'm pleased to see that the parking enforcement industry has recognised those concerns and the need to develop a code of conduct."

The companies will develop the code themselves and will meet again with Mr Bridges in a month's time to report progress.

Mr Bridges gave them copies of the West Australian and British codes of conduct for wheel-clamping.