You eat healthy meals and get a good amount of exercise in, so why isn't your weight loss going to plan? The culprit may well be those seemingly innocent little bites you're snacking on between meals.

Here's what you should be watching out for when choosing snacks and the foods that will help curb cravings between meals.

Check the label

If you are buying packaged snacks, read the labels. Many will say "no ADDED sugar" but there is likely still plenty of sugar per serve in the product.

The World Health Organization recommends sugar consumption be no more than approximately 6.5 tsp per day or around 26 grams. If your snack has 15 grams per serve then you are rapidly approaching that limit.


Make your own mixes

Homemade trail mixes or a combination of these foods in a snap lock bag can be a far healthier choice than pre-packed offerings.

1. Pumpkin Seeds
2. Coconut Shavings
3. Raw nuts
4. Goji berries
5. Cacao Nibs
6. Salami pieces (choose salami without sugar)
7. Cheese

Healthy hunger busters

1.Boiled eggs
2.Hummus and baby carrots
3.Almond Butter and sliced apple
4.Mini meatballs from beef or chicken mince
5.Tank Vege Juice with a protein hit (on occasion)
6.Vege rolls: courgettes finely sliced and rolled with salmon and lemon juice inside
7.Avocado halved with a dash of rock salt and lemon juice
8.Chicken breast, thinly sliced, wrapped in bacon and baked
9.Lettuce wraps (chicken, beef, egg wrapped in lettuce with little hummus and tomato
10.Chicken drum sticks / wings
11.Mini egg muffins
12.Herbal tea with teaspoon of coconut oil
13.Coconut yoghurt mixed with chia seeds and berries
14.Cherry tomatoes and cheese
15.Bacon wrapped dates baked