Having a baby on the move is often cause for a total overall of furnishings and safety fixtures around the home.

From eliminating sharp corners, to making sure choking hazards are out of reach and potentially dangerous areas such as stairwells are closed off, baby-proofing a house can take careful consideration.

In a new video produced by laundry detergent brand Tide, 11 major hazards are identified that could cause harm to a little person playing in a living room.

Can you spot what they are?


The video has been viewed almost 400,000 times since it was uploaded a week ago.

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Eleven living room dangers

1. Uncovered power outlet
2. Window blind cord
3. Unsecured TV
4. Fireplace
5. Handbag contents
6. Sharp edges on coffee table
7. Coins
8. Balloon on string
9. Iron on table
10. Mirror leaning on wall
11. Laundry powder