Good on Campbell Live for getting an interview with Macsyna King on the day coroner Garry Evans' report came out into the deaths of her twins, Chris and Cru.

The report in effect blamed Macsyna's former partner and the father of the twins for the death of the babies - but given that Chris Kahui has been tried and acquitted for the murder of his twins, it seems likely that yet again in this country no one will be held accountable.

Macsyna spoke very well in the interview but towards the end, the poor me's started to get on my nerves.

Sure, she may not have inflicted the fatal injuries on her twins but if she loved those babies so much, why had she not picked up the earlier rib fractures the twins suffered, before they were fatally injured?


Everyone understands mothers of new babies need to take a break, but most new mothers don't bugger off for close to 24 hours when their children are so young, especially when they know the father of those babies is angry and resentful at being left in charge.

Macsyna said for years she had endured taunts and horrible words from members of the public and she and members of her family had had threats made against them. While I don't condone vigilante justice, does she really think her hands are clean when it comes to the death of her children?

If my child had been killed, I would spend the rest of my life blaming myself for her death. Trying to paint herself as an innocent victim doesn't work for me.

Yes, we all make mistakes as parents, but most of ours don't result in the death of our children. Yes, she's suffered for the mistakes she's made - but not as much as those twins suffered. They're the ones buried six feet under; she's alive and well and walking the Earth.

Some who saw that interview felt enormous compassion for Macsyna King - they told me so on the radio. Good on them. I wish I had their depth of humanity.

But I used all my compassion for those defenceless twins. The mother, who made her own choices and must bear the consequences of her decisions, can take care of herself.