As more people start making the most of Hawke's Bay's many walkways and biking trails in the spring sunshine, Eastern Police are reminding everyone to protect their belongings while they're out having fun.

"Thieves are opportunistic and rural car parks at the start of biking trails or walkways can be popular targets," says Hawke's Bay Senior Sergeant David Sutherland.

"You can help prevent car crime by making sure you don't leave anything of value in your vehicle.

Remember - if it can be seen, it can be stolen."

There are several simple steps you can take to help deter thieves:
• Make sure your vehicle is always locked and the windows fully closed
• If you have an alarm, set it every time you leave the vehicle
• Don't leaves valuables, such as laptops, cameras, wallets, smartphones, iPods or satellite navigation systems in your car.
Leave them at home, take them with you, or if you have to leave them in your vehicle, keep them well hidden
• Move any loose change you keep handy for parking, so it's out of sight
• Try to park in well lit and populated areas, where possible


Anyone who sees anything or anyone suspicious, especially around the car parks near popular tourists attractions, trails or walkways, is asked to call 111 immediately.