A company that bottles bubbles has stepped in to put its support behind a Hawke's Bay man who defies bubbles.

Steinlager Pure has uncapped a sponsorship deal with Bay-born deepwater free-diver William Trubridge who is set to embark on another world record chasing dive, at his new home in the Bahamas, in three months' time.

While Mr Trubridge's deep diving achievements and record attempts (15 world records) have been recognised at home, his reputation has grown hugely internationally and the Kiwi brewers are keen to celebrate that.

"We're excited to get behind Will as he continually trains and challenges himself in his sport," Steinlager spokesman Michael Taylor said.


"He is an amazing New Zealander doing outstanding things on a world stage and epitomises the indomitable Kiwi spirit."

Mr Taylor said the company was excited about giving Mr Trubridge the recognition he deserved by encouraging the support of the nation.

Mr Trubridge, in turn, will give the Kiwi lager plenty of recognition as his planned dive, to a new record depth on 101 metres, is set to be broadcast live on television around the world and fitted the Steinlager Pure sponsorship campaign.

Mr Taylor said the sponsorship link was fitting - "no unnecessary ingredients, just absolute simplicity at its best, from the world's purest place".

The 34-year-old, who attended Havelock North High School, will make the attempt at the picturesque, but dangerous, Dean's Blue Hole right on his Bahaman doorstep. A 200-metre deep cavern, it is ideal for free diving.

Mr Trubridge said the appeal of free diving, and the challenges it threw up, made it an exception to other sports.

"The fact we're completely immersed in liquid - a single breath, the weightlessness, the absence of sounds, the dullness of the colours - everything is subtracted," he said.

He is looking forward to the new challenge and says deep-diving is something of a natural progression.

He learned to swim when he was just 18 months old and was free-diving to depths of 15m by the time he was 8. When he turned 22 he took up deep-diving competition and has never looked back.