Last year, Taylor Swift was everywhere. You could barely turn a magazine page without seeing her face splashed across it - often alongside one of her high-profile boyfriends.

But fast-forward to 2017, and the situation couldn't be more different.

The 27-year-old hasn't been seen in public since February and it is truly baffling. How does one of the biggest pop stars on the planet stay hidden for months?

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We haven't even been treated to a candid Instagram shot from Tay Tay since last November: all she's posted this year has been birthday tributes, some professional shots of her Super Bowl Weekend performance, and promo stills from her I Don't Wanna Live Forever video clip.

So where in the world is she? Writing and recording a new album? Privately recruiting new members for her girl squad? Has she hooked up with a secret new boyfriend?

Unsurprisingly, the ongoing situation has (pretty hilariously) sent Swifties into a tailspin.

Taylor, wherever you are: we miss you.