Real Housewives of Melbourne

star Gamble Breaux is in need of a dentist after copping an injury during a round of interviews on the Logies red carpet.

The 45-year-old laughed it off like a trooper after Jewel Chic reporter Megan Castran accidentally chipped her two front teeth with a microphone.

Breaux clearly didn't let it ruin her night, showing off her new look with a smiling selfie later in the evening.


She joked in the caption: "All I want for Christmas! Lost part of my both two front teeth (sic) on the red carpet with a microphone to the face! They say @rhosydney housewives are bad."

Despite the unfortunate incident, Breaux insisted she wasn't angry with the reporter, telling her "Don't worry babe! Love you."

The grin-and-bear-it attitude certainly endeared her to fans, who praised her in the comments section.

"Oh my goodness @gamble_breaux this could only happen to you, honestly you still look amazing! Wouldn't have even seen it!" one user commented.

Another wrote: "Good on you for staying out ... I would have gone home."