A Siberian Harry Potter lookalike says he's been inundated by women wanting him to father their children ever since photos of him circulated on social media.

Nikolay Posled's pictures went around the world after they were spotted on Instagram, according to the Daily Mail.

With looks more like Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter character than the actor himself, Posled says he is now awash with social media proposals from young women urging him to have children with them.

"There are girls. They ask me if they can have a child from me," said the shell-shocked shelf-stacker from Krasnoyarsk. "They're obviously Harry Potter fans.



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"All this is very funny, but I still do not quite understand what's going on. For me, it's all so new.

"Specifically, that everyone suddenly needs something from me."

His girlfriend has not commented on the sudden interest in him from women "in many countries," reported The Siberian Times.

But Posled said he has also had some alarming messages after his likeness to the actor who played the JK Rowling character was revealed.

Some "write rubbish" or "threaten me, like promise to kill," he said.

Posled says that people started noticing his similarity with Harry Potter five years ago, when he first started wearing glasses.

He is often stopped in the street or asked to pose for pictures - but the Siberian isn't a huge fan of the attention.

"Until the media gave me publicity, it did not interfere in my life in any way," Posled, who has never deliberately imitated Radcliffe or Potter, said. "Now I feel uncomfortable. I'm not an actor and I did nothing outstanding."

But in a slight reference to Potter, Posled does have a male deer tattooed on his arm.

In Rowling's books, Harry Potter's patronus - or "spirit guardian" - is a stag.

Actor Daniel Radcliffe played the wizard in eight hit films between 2001 and 2011.