Sky Television has apologised for Friday night outages caused by the wild weather.

Frustrated customers are taking to social media to complain their service has been interrupted by "rain fade".

Complaints include sports fans missing out on a big night of live action, with the Warriors playing the Storm in the NRL and also the Chiefs taking on the Hurricanes in a big Super Rugby match.

Sky spokeswoman Kirsty Way said she didn't know how many people were affected across the country but apologised to those whose service was down.


"It will vary by location of the house and the position of certain dishes nationwide, I wouldn't be able to give you an exact number," Way said.

"But it is a terrible storm."

Way said there wasn't much customers could do to fix the situation themselves and atmospheric interruptions were very rare.

"If you've got a dish in a good position, you should get atmospheric conditions something like 0.2 per cent of the year, so hardly ever," she said.

Sky's Twitter account has been responding to customers this afternoon and this evening to also apologise for the interruptions and to advise people to try re-setting their set-top boxes.