If you really want to work on your PlayStation tan during summer then it makes sense to be playing in the snow.

Steep, the latest mountain sports game on the market, is on an Everest-like scale compared to its predecessors.

Firstly, Steep's not just a snowboarding game or a skiing game. There are four different ways of getting down the mountain without going through the painstaking task of lining up and renting expensive equipment.

Along with traditional methods like skiing and snowboarding, you can also paraglide or even don a wingsuit and fly your way down and around various slopes.


The scenery of Steep's vast open world mountain ranges is quite stunning. Unfortunately, gameplay doesn't quite reach the same heights.

Snowboarding and skiing are great fun to play and don't take too long to pick up. It's easy to complete tricks and going fast down really steep slopes can be an intense experience.

However, wingsuit flying can be hit and miss (watch out for those power lines), while paragliding, despite offering some great views, becomes dull fairly quickly.

Navigating the various trails is simple, there's no need for chairlifts, and a wide range of game modes from racing to free-riding and a smooth online experience adds plenty of variety. There are a number of equipment upgrades you can earn, along with GoPro videos to shoot that are nice added extras.

Steep is a fun ride but you can't help but think that instead of adding wingsuit flying and paragliding, and even skiing, it could have been the best snowboarding game ever made.

Instead, it tries too much and doesn't quite stick the landing.



PlayStation 4, Xbox One




Cool experience but slips up on the slopes