Goldie Hawn just turned up to present at the Golden Globes and things got a little...weird.

The Hollywood stalwart presented with her Snatched co-star Amy Schumer and played off the age difference, but it wasn't entirely clear whether it was for laughs or for real.

Hawn appeared distracted and her hands shook while she struggled to read the tele-prompter, with Schumer prompting here where and when to read, where to stand, and asked whether she'd brought her glasses.

Among other mistakes, Hawn read "musical" as "mystical", "most talented men" as "most tainted men", "2016" as "216" and then walked off in the wrong direction when they were done.


During the spiel, Schumer had to physically shuffle Hawn a couple of steps to the left so they could share the microphone equally, and at one point even had to appeal to Hawn's partner Kurt Russell to see if he had her reading glasses.

While some of the jokes seemed written and rehearsed, there was an element of wondering whether Goldie may have just had too many champagnes backstage.

However, it's more likely the comedic duo simply nailed their performance.

Schumer and Hawn star in action/comedy Snatched together, in which they play a mother-daughter duo who go on holiday together before getting kidnapped in the jungle.