Robbie Williams helped hundreds of people bring in 2017, but it seems he was not as happy to be with them as they were with him.

The former Take That singer jumped into the crowd for a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne during a small gig at Westminster's Central Hall.

After the traditional song was sung, Robbie jumped back on stage and picked up a bottle of hand sanitiser, the Daily Mail reported.

He was seen pulling a grimace as he squirted the clear liquid on his hands and carried on the performance.


It is thought his facial expression indicated he meant the bizarre act as a joke.

Although the singer was criticised by many, some applauded his good hygiene practices.

One vicar said she often sanitises after shaking hands with her congregation, while others appreciated he was probably trying to stave off the illnesses that spread at this time of year.

It wasn't just his personal hygiene that drew comment, as many thought his performance was less than perfect too.

While some were grateful for living in America without him, there were also calls for him to "get in the sea".

His performance was called the first death of 2017, following the string of high profile celebrity deaths that marked 2016.

The clothes worn by the dancers were slammed too, with people frustrated by the overtly sexy outfits and lack of female band members.

Robbie played his best known songs before midnight before treating fans to tracks from his new album.

But some couldn't help but turn his classics into anti-bacterial puns as the word of his gel use spread.

His hit with Take That, Want You Back For Good, became, I just Anti-bac for good, while people also said he was loving anti-bac instead of angels.