Anika Moa has tackled the very serious issues of police brutality and racial profiling with her own hilarious take on Police 10/7.

In the latest episode of her talk show All Talk with Anika Moa, the Kiwi star recreated the reality cop show, dubbing it Taiohi 10/7 (Youth 10/7) and flipping the tables so a young Maori man is profiling the police instead.

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In it, Moa poses as "Aunty Inspector" and introduces Kahu who is off to play chess at his aunty's house when he gets a call about police acting suspiciously.


"You learn the signs early on, the way they look at you as they pass by, casing the street. It's a gut-instinct thing. You know they're up to no good."

The police are consistently bleeped out as they swear at Kahu, who in turn, asks if their mums know they're out and goes on to say: "You've got to remember that cops are people too, even though they haven't got the same advantages we have ... cops are alright."

Eventually, Kahu gets tasered but at the end of the clip says: "I don't see myself as a hero, I'm just doing my job, and if that means keeping one taser busy for a minute, that's cool."

Watch the full clip here:

* All Talk with Anika Moa screens on Maori Television on Thursdays at 9.30pm.