Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry got to play excited fans abroad Air Force One on Friday and sang 'Walk This Way with President Obama in an impromptu meeting.

The legendary musicians landed in Florida after a five-week tour of Mexico and South America when they spotted the president's aircraft on the tarmac of Orlando International Airport.

Tyler and Perry took a few pictures of the plane, and before they knew it, they had an invitation to play at the White House, with the Sweet Emotion singer concluding: "He's something else."

Aerosmith, whose official fanclub is incidentally called Aero Force One, returned to the US from Mexico City when they realised Obama was in town.


Perry told the music website Vanyaland they got out of their plane to snap some pictures before they were suddenly invited on board and offered a tour, although the president wasn't around at the time.

Obama, who was busy in Florida campaigning for Hillary Clinton, didn't want to miss a thing - and told the rock stars he would return if they were willing to wait.

When they met, the president said he was a big fan of their work, and invited them to play at the White House - even though they'll have to act quickly if they want cash in on the offer.

In one photograph posted on Aerosmith's social media pages, the two rockers flank the president in what appears to be the plane's conference room.

Obama, who has showed off his vocal abilities on a few occasions, also joined the legendary talents in an a capella rendition of Walk This Way, Tyler told WESH.

The 68-year-old singer-songwriter, who has met Obama once before in 2010, refused to reenact the moment for the local news channel, leaving viewers to their own imaginations.

But he seemed impressed and said: "He's something else."

Tyler (pictured with a security officer on Friday) said they sang Walk This Way with the president, who told them he was a big fan. Photo / AP
Tyler (pictured with a security officer on Friday) said they sang Walk This Way with the president, who told them he was a big fan. Photo / AP

Perry also expressed his sheer excitement - even though the guitarist identifies as a Republican.

He told Vanyaland: "This was the first time I've ever met a president, a seated president. It was pretty flipped out - and it was definitely worth the wait.

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"It was one of those things where if we planned, something would've screwed up. But after a month in South America?

"Steven and I have had some pretty cool adventures, but this one is right up there."