For the second time in his career, Joel Little has won two out of four Artisan Awards - this time for his work with Broods' sophomore album Conscious.

The Artisan Awards ceremony, held in Auckland tonight, honours the musical talents of the stars behind the scenes ahead of the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards next month.

Taking home Best Producer and Best Engineer, Little is the only nominee to win two awards twice, the first being in 2014 for his work on Lorde's debut album Pure Heroine.

Although not in attendance, his acceptance speech via video link thanked Broods for working hard to challenge themselves, forcing Little to become a better engineer.


"We all worked really hard on this album for many, many months and we're really proud of what we made," he said.

He also thanked his wife and kids for putting up with the make-shift studio in their Los Angeles home, right next to the children's bedroom.

The awards celebrated nominees across four categories: best producer, best engineer, best album art and best music video.

Best album cover went to Anns Taylor for her work on Lawrence Arabia's Absolute Truth.

The NZ On Air trophy for best music video was received by Chris Lane for Inside Out by Avalanche City.

The Vodafone New Zealand awards take place November 17. For all the nominees head here.