Help yourself to a sizeable pinch of salt before watching this clip, shot in Melbourne, that purports to show secretive graffiti artist Banksy at work.

The video was uploaded to Youtube by a woman called Mia, who wrote: "So I was walking home from work late last night and I was watching a street artist doing a piece in Hosier Lane.

"I double backed and pulled out my phone as he was finishing up. Can't believe I just met Banksy !"

The video shows a hooded figure finishing off a mural in an alley, before the camerawoman pursues him.


The mural was a stencilled (Banksy-ish) image of Pauline Hanson leader of Australia's right wing One Nation party, wearing a t-shirt saying "F*** off - W're fools."

It's apparently 'signed' with Banksy's name, stencilled in a font the artist regularly uses - but many are suspicious that the video is an elaborate publicity stunt.

A Melbourne gallery is currently hosting an exhibition of Banksy's work - and Broadsheet has discovered the identity of the woman who uploaded the video, who describes herself on LinkedIn as a "digital-savvy multimedia professional" in Media Sales and Strategy.

At a glance: Banksy rumours

• He is a decorator...

It is rumoured that Banksy is artist Robin Banks from Bristol and his parents believe he is a painter and decorator

• He is a former public schoolboy...
In 2008, a newspaper claimed Banksy is Robin Gunningham - a former pupil at Bristol Cathedral School

• He is graffiti artist King Robbo...
Suspicions arose when Banksy painted over a Robbo artwork. Graffiti etiquette rules you don't paint over others' work - only your own

• He is Damien Hirst...
They're both from Bristol but do the similarities end there? Some people are convinced that Banksy is a Hirst invention

• He is many people...
He is presumed to be one person, but it has also been rumoured that 'Banksy' is an art collective

• He is a she...
In 2014 a news site speculated that Banksy is a woman as he paints girls and women, unlike most street art