Former Married At First Sight contestant Zoe Hendrix has hit out at one of her castmates on the show, telling Clare Verrall to stop being bitter and "get better".

Verrall was paired with Jono Pittman in season two of the show, and their resulting made-for-TV relationship was short and turbulent.

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After a disastrous two weeks together on the Channel Nine matchmaking show, the couple both left immediately after their explosive breakup.


Channel Nine came under fire after the show's relationship experts still decided to match Clare and Jono despite Clare suffering from post traumatic stress disorder due to an assault and Jono previously committing assault in 2008.

Verrall made news earlier this month when she listed her wedding dress from the program for sale on eBay - but now Hendrix, who is still with the man she was paired with on the show, Alex Garner - has come out in defence of her castmate.

Alex Garner and Zoe Hendrix are not only still together, but expecting their first child. Photo / Instagram
Alex Garner and Zoe Hendrix are not only still together, but expecting their first child. Photo / Instagram

"Jono is not a bad guy. And after the most recent slander of him from his "ex wife" (in the interest of selling her wedding dress?) I need to get this off my chest," she wrote.

"OK so it didn't work out with his match for season 2 of MAFS and there are many reasons for that. He wasn't perfect but neither was she.

"He has been gentleman enough to not air his ex's dirty laundry to the public. And iv [sic] met Jono and there are some interesting events that he has chosen to keep private," she continued.

"On the flip side the ongoing personal attacks to the public from his ex are both unfair & unwarranted. Would we think it was OK if the roles were reversed and a guy was constantly shaming or attacking his ex in this manner? (I don't think so)."

"Instead of getting bitter why not get better? He's moved on and so should she."

Verrall labelled the matchmaking series "an absolute s**tshow from start to finish" on Twitter this month and said she's been served with a number of letters from Nine's legal team because of her tweets.

Verrall used her eBay listing for the wedding dress to once again take aim at her TV ex.

"Worn for one day while marrying a stranger on TV who turned out to be a total w**kpuffin ... For a bride who knows the name of who she is marrying it is a dream dress," she wrote.