A video has emerged appearing to show Johnny Depp arguing with Amber Heard - but Heard has denied being behind the leak.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star is the subject of a domestic abuse case made against him by his estranged wife as she seeks to secure a permanent restraining order against him.

Whilst he denies all the claims made by Heard and her legal team, a video posted by TMZ seemingly shows him throwing a wine bottle and shouting at Heard.

*Warning: This video contains offensive language*

In the video, Heard appears to try and calm her then-husband down after asking if he had drank a bottle of wine.


Heard later apologises for something, although it is not clear what.

She tells him: "What happened? I just woke up and you were so sweet, and nice. We were not even fighting this morning. All I did was say sorry."

To which he replies: "You want to see crazy, I'll show you something crazy."

After that, Depp appears to try and take Heard's phone off her.

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Sources close to Depp claim the video is "heavily edited" and that Heard was encouraging him and smiling.

TMZ reports that Heard told them in a statement she was not responsible for the leaked video and just wants to settle with Johnny so that she can put the ordeal behind her.

It is unlikely the video will be allowed as evidence in court as it is edited as well as the fact Johnny didn't know he was being filmed and she would have to get his permission.

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed Heard missed her deposition on Friday due to an emergency.

Legal documents filed by the Magic Mike XXL star's team state that through "no fault of her own, Amber was unable to arrange for a flight to travel from London."

Heard's deposition has been rescheduled and the couple are in court this weekend trying to reach a solution.