The internet has uncovered a pop song made by Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany back in 2011.

Now that Trump is the Republican presidential nominee and because the internet is a magical place, that song is resurfacing and it's...interesting.

The track, titled Like a Bird, has more autotune than T-Pain and Rebecca Black combined, and the phrase "like a bird" repeated in such a way it sounds like the sound effects on an arcade game.

But it's the lyrics that really make it.


They're kind of hard to make out, but the first line sounds like: "Diamonds are so shimmery, especially things I've got on me", and "Everybody's partying, obsessing over crazy things, I just want serenity while living it up".

Unsurprisingly, the internet is going in on the song:

The 22 year-old - born of Trump's second marriage (with Marla Maples) - recorded the song with artists Sprite and LogiQ when she was 17.

It largely flew under the radar until recently, when Tiffany spoke in support of her father at the Republican National Convention.

If nothing else, it is incredibly hard to get out of your head.