New Zealand has spoken, voting Ghost Chips our best TV ad.

Thousands voted in the poll which began yesterday on, narrowing down 10 of New Zealand's best loved ads to just two.

We featured everything from the famous Crunchie Bar train robbery of 1975, to Telecom's K9 sidekick Spot, before narrowing down the top two to the Ghost Chips and Bugger ads.

Toyota's 1999 Bugger campaign featured a series of farming mishaps which all provoked the laconic comment - bugger. It may have raked in 120 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority, but it also became a Kiwi classic.


However, it wasn't enough to take out the much more recent anti drink driving 'Ghost Chips' series.

The series started in 2011 and became a Kiwi pop cultural phenomenon, spawning countless parodies, memes, t-shirts and over a million YouTube views - that and everyone you know quoting phrases like "you know I can't grab your ghost chips".

It was a close race though, with Ghost Chips taking it out with just 53 percent to Bugger's 47 percent.

Relive the winning ad in all its glory, here: