Tom Hiddleston wouldn't say if Taylor Swift was "the one" when asked about his feelings for her by an Australian TV reporter.

The Avengers star was jogging along Broadbeach on Australia's Gold Coast when Channel Nine journalist Hayley Webb approached him to ask him some impromptu questions about his pop star girlfriend.

Hiddleston, 35, seemed embarrassed when the news hound asked, "Is Taylor Swift the one?" and laughed nervously before replying: "I'd rather just talk about my work if that's alright."

The British heartthrob was then asked by the reporter how Swift was enjoying her time in Australia, to which he responded: "I'm not going to answer that if that's alright."


Hiddleston is Down Under to start shooting Thor: Ragnarok - in which he reprises his role as Loki - and has been joined in Queensland by Taylor, 26.

The couple have wasted no time in getting out and seeing what the Australian state has to offer and were recently seen enjoying a romantic meal at Italian restaurant Gemelli on the Gold Coast.

A source said: "They had dinner at Gemelli Italian restaurant. Taylor told the staff that Italian is her favourite food and she was very excited to try the food.


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"Taylor and Tom walked in hand-in-hand and left the same way. They spent several hours at dinner before returning to their hotel in a chauffeured car."

Although Hiddleston wouldn't be drawn on saying whether or not Taylor was "the one" for him, Taylor has been telling her friends she thinks she is "in love" with the actor.

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Another source spilled: "She is having a blast travelling with him. He is very romantic and attentive towards her. He is extremely charming. He also makes sure she feels safe wherever they go together.

"She is on cloud nine and really enjoying this quality time they are spending. She texted her close friends and said, 'I think I am in love and I never felt this way before!' "

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