Not so liberal party

Women in NSW must've been wondering what decade they were in when they got a campaign letter from the Liberal Party with their last name changed to match the man they live with. "I am the owner of my apartment, and my boyfriend is basically my tenant," journalist Alex Lee told the ABC after getting a wrongly addressed campaign letter in the mail. The Liberal Party have trotted out the cliched "human error" excuse.

Public transport hoi polloi

"As I have now taken the bus to work for nine months," explains Kevin. "I feel able to compile a list of the my top five most disliked fellow passengers, who may yet force me back into my car."

1. The phone users: What is wrong with you! You are surrounded by 50 people who cannot help but listen to your very personal and often inappropriate conversation. Some people seem able to at least try and talk quietly, but for those of you just carry on as loud as you like, can you at least have the decency to curb the expletives?

2. The deaf ones: Most earphones are of a quality that they cannot be heard by others when played at a reasonable level. Sometimes I can hear every word of a song even though you are three seats away.


3. The seat hogger: I like my personal space and avoid shouldering the person next to me, but some bus passengers have no problem leaning up against me with your hip, thigh, elbow and goodness knows what else. Get off me!

4. Seat etiquette: Not only does this passenger squash me against the window for the whole journey, but they stay there even when other double seats around them have emptied. Move you moron!

5. What's mine is yours: I'm talking about germs. One guy sneezed the whole way to town the other day. I am certain I've caught two colds this year from people, who should have been at home, sneezing into their hands and then touching the stair rails ... yuk.

The turtle sculpture that kids play on at Matipo Primary, Te Atatu Peninsula became more realistic after the floods on Wednesday that closed the school. Photo / Supplied
The turtle sculpture that kids play on at Matipo Primary, Te Atatu Peninsula became more realistic after the floods on Wednesday that closed the school. Photo / Supplied

News nostalgia

In Sibson, England: "Radiant and demure in white lace, Lois Elliott walked down the aisle on her father's arm as the organ intoned "Here Comes the Bride". "Wilt thou," said Reverend Frank Best, "take this man to be thy lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish 'til death do you part?" Lois, 16, smiled at Mr Best, at her father and at the groom. "No," she said quietly. Then she turned and walked out of St. Botolph's Church. Lois offered no immediate explanation for her change of heart. A week later, after a long talk with her groom, Lois married Frank and it was reported the reason she walked out the first time was, "I don't get on with my in laws," she said. (The Ottawa Journal - May 1, 1971)

Picture this: Ultrasound of a pregnant shark...

Video: New Zealand comedian New Zealand's Sam Wills - aka the Boy With Tape on His Face performed this a routine on America's Got Talent, then just two weeks later, this performer is doing the same act on Brazilian Television.

Video: I have been looking for a series I can watch with my 13-year-old, something local, something funny...It's harder than you'd think. But then I stumbled across the trailer of the rejigged 80s kiwi kids TV series, Terry Teo, due to start on TVNZ on Demand in a couple of weeks. I for one will be forcing my Americanised teen in front of some down home, true blue kiwi family viewing...

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Check out the 1985 version of Terry Teo here.

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