Leslie Jones can't find a designer to dress her for Ghostbusters movie premier.

The 48-year-old comedic actress - who is set to play Patty Tolan in the remake of the 1984 film alongside Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy - took to social media on Tuesday to slam designers for not helping to style her for the film's upcoming red carpet event.

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The star tweeted: "It's so funny how there are no designers wanting to help me with a premiere dress for movie (sic)...that will change and I remember everything," she wrote.


However, Project Runway winner Christian Siriano swiftly came to Leslie's rescue.

Christian replied to the Saturday Night Live cast member with a waving emoji to volunteer his services, and Jones told a fan that she had contacted him directly.

Although it is yet to be confirmed the pair will join forces to make a creative masterpiece for the star studded bash, he has worked on stars of various body shapes and unique styles in the past, including Lady Gaga, Uzo Aduba and Gabourey Sidibe.

And Christian has previously showcased an 18-piece plus-size clothing line for Lane Bryant.

Speaking previously about the capsule, he said: "My mum, who's in her late '60s, loves the collection; Danielle Brooks loves the collection ... so many different types and ages of women can find something great in this collection.

"I don't know why [the plus-size market] is changing so much all of a sudden, but it probably has to do with the world of social media. You see more body types by scrolling through your Instagram."