What do you get when you mix the guitarist from Anthrax with the makeup artists from Game of Thrones? The happiest white walker you've ever seen.

As part of his Bloodworks series, Anthrax's Scott Ian went behind the scenes with Thrones makeup artist Barrie Gower to see how the show's white walkers are made.

The series looks at the best special and visual effects in show business, and this instalment saw Ian get made up as one the Thrones' ultimate baddies.

Gower says in the Hardhome scene, they had 30 guys in makeup and green screen suits, and another 45 guys in pullover silicone masks in the background, plus a giant, and the main White Walker who fights Jon Snow.


That main walker wore about 12-13 prosthetic pieces which took about five hours to apply.

As he's made up, Ian marvels over how malleable the makeup is, pulling faces to see how it moves, and later, he gets the full makeup and costume treatment too.

Gower explains they reference textures like marble and ice, and the makeup is somewhat "elderly" with all the wrinkles.

You can see the full video below:

*Warning: This video contains scenes which may be disturbing.