Ronnie Wood's wife has given birth to twin girls.

The Rolling Stones rocker and his wife Sally Humphreys, 38, welcomed the two bundles of joy into the world on Monday evening (30.05.16) in London.

If the babies hadn't arrived by later in the week, the couple were already making plans to induce the birth, The Sun newspaper reports.

Meanwhile, Ronnie - who also has Jesse, 39, with his late ex-wife Krissy Findlay and Leah, 37, Tyrone, 32, with his former spouse Jo Wood and her son Jamie, 41, who he adopted - previously revealed he is keen for his Rolling Stones bandmate Sir Mick Jagger to "sing lullabies" to his daughters.


He told BANG Showbiz: "Mick told me he's a good nanny after one year so he can come and sing lullabies to them ...

"It's going to be great fun in June, I'm expecting two baby girls, Sally and I are really excited and I can't wait to be rocking them to sleep and changing their nappies and going through it all again."

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The 68-year-old musician's four other kids are as excited about the babies, with Tyrone adding: "I can't wait to meet my little sisters, I'm ecstatic about it. I've already got them Jellycat rabbits, they're little soft lovely rabbits for babies."

And Ronnie claims it was Rod Stewart - who is a father of eight - who inspired him to have more children at his age.

He said: "Yes, the person who incited this riot is Rod. As soon as I met Sally, he was on at me to propose. Then, as soon as we got married, he started telling us we had to have babies. He and Penny [Lancaster; Rod's wife] have been complete mother hens since we first told them."

- Bang! Showbiz