It seems the Bachelor wasn't the only Jordan in Naz Khanjani's life.

Private messages posted by Naz's ex-boyfriend Jordan Reid reveal she "wasn't that into [Mauger]" and that she "caused a lot of drama cause the other girls were so f***ing boring".

Reid's post went viral on social media last night. This morning, he told ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan what had really been going on behind the scenes.

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Reid dated Naz prior to the filming of The Bachelor NZ and hoped they would get back together after the show.

"She told me about (going on The Bachelor) when we started seeing each other and I was going overseas, so it was fine," Jordan told the ZM hosts, "I just thought it was going to be a possibility, that maybe if she got second we could just go from there and start again."

After watching the first episode of The Bachelor, Jordan revealed that he was "a bit embarrassed" about what he saw.

"Are you serious? Is this really her?" he said.

Jordan, who spent three weeks overseas told ZM that he didn't hear from Naz until after the final episode had filmed. The woman dubbed "nasty Naz", sent Jordan a text message before Monday night's final.

"She messaged to say that she missed me and she wanted to see me. She called me just about 10 minutes before she went on for filming the show. She said she didn't (sleep with Bachelor Jordan) and not to worry and to forget about the rumours I've been hearing on the radio and TV. I just never had a bar of it until I saw something last night which made everything she told me a lie."

Naz caused a lot of controversy when she revealed that she had slept with the Bachelor.

Feeling slighted Jordan decided to release Naz's messages to him, which were later taken down by Facebook. The messages revealed that Naz never had real feelings for the Bachelor, despite him contacting her after the filming of the show.

"She blasted my hide for a while (for releasing the texts), I just didn't reply" Naz's ex said.

Jordan also told ZM that he has no plans of trying to rekindle his romance with Naz saying: "I've made my mind up that I wouldn't go there with a girl like that."

"She seems to be quite nice around guys, is what I've figured out and girls she just doesn't want a bar of them. Like she explained it to me, she just didn't like anyone on the show and wanted a bit of attention."