Chris Hemsworth's Ghostbusters character has been revealed to be a big, dumb, puppy dog, by the actor himself.

A behind-the-scenes clip focuses on the Aussie actor's performance as the secretary in the upcoming reboot of the classic movie.

Starring alongside the ghost-busting team of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, Hemsworth's Kevin is hired for tasks such as answering phones and making coffee but even these are a bit of a stretch.

"Kevin is a big dumb puppy dog," Hemsworth says in the clip.


Scenes from the movie certainly back up Hemsworth's claim.

At one point, Hemsworth can be seen trying to access a phone that's been dropped inside a fish tank, he also explains that he took the glass out of his glasses because "they just kept getting dirty".

"Kevin is a Ken doll with the inside scooped out," Kate McKinnon says.

However, Wiig's character in particular seems to have a bit of a crush on Kevin, opting at one point to drink from a coffee cup that he's spat in to.

The Australian actor has even managed to make his talented co-workers jealous of his comedy chops.

"Chris Hemsworth is a huge comedic talent" the movie's director Paul Feig says.

"Seriously, there's no way that you're this funny and this fine," Leslie Jones says.

But for all his innocent and goofy moments, it seems Kevin really just wants to be one of the Ghostbusters.

"He just takes a whole lot of the equipment, gets a bike, builds his own uniform and goes 'look, I'm one of the gang now'," Hemsworth says.

Ghostbusters is released in cinemas on July 14.