Kanye West had reportedly offered an Australian artist "a pretty decent chunk of money" to remove a street mural adorning a wall in Sydney of the rapper passionately kissing himself.

The artist, Scott Marsh, painted the 20ft image of West in early March on the wall of a building in Teggs Lane, Chippendale, ABC reported.

The picture is believed to have been based on a photoshopped version of the singer kissing his wife, Kim Kardashian West.

The image shows West wearing a black suit kissing a version of himself wearing a grey jumpsuit. West's hands are also placed on the large derriere of the other figure, who would have been Kardashian in the unphotoshopped version.


After painting it, the artist posted an image online along with the hashtag kanyeloveskanye and the words "Because we all know that Kanye loves Kanye."

ABC reported the artist was contacted soon after by someone claiming to be from the signer's management offering him "a pretty decent chunk of money" to erase the image.

It is believed the artist responded with a request for a six figure pay out and a lifetime supply of West's Yeezy Boost sneakers.

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On Tuesday Marsh released a one-off print of the mural covered in white paint carrying a price tag of US$100,000 (NZ$144560).

He took to Twitter to offer the print to West including a signed and buffed print and a personalised video of the mural being erased.

"Hey @privatekanye, we've got a special edition of this just for you! (Or a dedicated collector.) You can buy this oversize print for $100,000 which includes a signed and buffed print (44x68 Inches) as well as a personalized video of @scottie.marsh buffing the original one in Australia!"

According to ABC, Marsh said West had two weeks to buy the print from online art store 1xRun.

The piece sits opposite a mural of the rappers reality TV star wife posing naked.