Presented by the nation's favourite broadcaster, Judy Bailey, Decades in Colour is a three-part series that knits together home movie footage shot by Kiwis to portray New Zealand life in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Each episode provides a glimpse into the lives of New Zealanders during the decade, looking at how they lived and what was happening.

Episode one delves into the 1950s post-war period. The war was finally over, the economy was strong and the people resilient but it was also a time of recovery in the aftermath of conflict.

Episode two sweeps into the 60s where rugby, racing and beer had become the pillars of Kiwi culture and the arrival of television and jet travel exposed New Zealanders to other places, ideas and influences.


A gentle push back against the status quo began.

The third and final episode enters the 70s, with yellow ponchos, bowl cuts and full cream milk delivered to the door. People began questioning authority and Kiwi ingenuity reigned supreme. It was around this time that the country started to recognise its own identity.

When: 8.30pm, Sunday
Where: Prime
What: Judy heads down memory lane