Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has "retired" from music after failing to write any new hits.

Gallagher has not released any music since the break-up of his band Beady Eye in 2014, and is ready to give up his rock career having lost faith in his songwriting ability.

"I am retired now. I can write 25 songs but all of them will be a s*** (sic)," he told a fan, as reported in The Sun newspaper.

Gallagher formed Beady Eye in 2009, after the break-up of Oasis, but his new group struggled to replicate his old band's success, as Beady Eye only had one single make it into the UK Top 40 chart.


The veteran star did briefly flirt with a solo career last year performing a number of solo songs at a pub gig in Charlestown, Ireland, but revealed in January that he had no plans to go solo, writing on Twitter: "Solo record are you f*****g tripping dickhead im not a c*** LG X."

Despite things being quiet for Gallagher on the music front, he has been vocal with his opinions about British music on social media, hinting that he's glad to no longer be making music.

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"Music in the UK has been abducted by massive c***s THE END LG x", he ranted on Twitter after the BRIT Awards, adding, "Thank f*** I got out when I got out LG x".

Although he has struggled in his music career since leaving Oasis, Gallagher has had more success with fashion label, Pretty Green.

As of June last year, the rocker's fashion brand had 15 shops worldwide.