Jessica Mauboy has opened up about her panic attack at last year's Melbourne Cup, saying it was the wake-up call she needed to seek help.

The Aussie singer was scheduled to perform at the November event, but failed to take the stage after suffering anxiety backstage, with backing vocalist Nadia Aya stepping in to sing Advance Australia Fair.

The pop star has now opened up about her battle with stress, admitting she'd "never felt anything like that before".

"My music is my dreaming, where I usually feel calm and safe. At that moment, I felt unsafe and uncomfortable for the first time ever," she told The Australian Women's Weekly.


Mauboy said the most disappointing part was being unable to take the stage and perform.

"It was also very disappointing because I didn't want to let people down."

The singer and actress admitted it was the wake-up call she needed to seek help.

"It felt ridiculous going to see someone to talk about at first, but doing that was probably the best thing because I realised that what happened to me was real," Mauboy revealed to the Weekly.
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She said while the anxiety attack could have been caused by anything, she is working on being aware of her situations and monitoring how her body reacts.

"I know now that if it ever happens again, I can't turn away from it. I have to face it and try to deal with it, and talk to someone about it."