If there is one thing


's success proves, it's that superhero movies are not going anywhere anytime soon. A huge opening has broken all sorts of records. The Ryan Reynolds film defied expectations and will already have people talking. An R-rated, tongue-in-cheek superhero movie unlike any that's come before, it's bound to influence the 20 superhero movies in the pipeline.

1. Things are going to get more R-rated ...

If there is one big thing Deadpool disproves, it's the idea that superhero adaptations are just for kids. The first R-rated superhero movie for some time, and easily the most successful, Deadpool shows that you don't need to keep things kid-friendly to earn big bucks.

A scene from the movie Deadpool.
A scene from the movie Deadpool.

Coupled with the success of Marvel's Netflix shows, expect to see more superhero movies geared towards an older crowd. There is already discussion of adapting the


comics, and talk of making the


adaptation R-rated so, sorry kids, but it looks like you'll have to find something else.

2. ... though the dark and gritty era may be over

Sure, Deadpool covered pretty heavy topics, touching on cancer, Wade's disfigurement and there were brutal fight scenes, but overall the movie didn't take itself too seriously and had humour running throughout.

Since the success of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, superhero movies have generally taken a serious approach to their subject matter, and DC has allegedly gone so far as to ban jokes from their movies.

A scene from the movie Deadpool.
A scene from the movie Deadpool.

But after


's success, studios might be looking to play up the humorous side of their characters a bit more. Don't be surprised when a


TV series (another infamous fourth wall breaker) gets commissioned sometime in the next year.

3. The more popular characters the better

Deadpool is widely acknowledged as one of the most popular comic-book characters to have been created over the past 25 years - very few new heroes have developed the same devotion from fans as the Merc with a Mouth, who is now one of Marvel's highest-selling heroes.

A scene from the movie Deadpool.
A scene from the movie Deadpool.

Studios are mostly just recycling the superheroes that have been around for decades, presumably believing they are more established and will sell tickets, but


might inspire Marvel and DC to try more of their newer characters on the big screen. If Marvel isn't already weighing up turning the new Ms Marvel, Spider-Gwen and Squirrel Girl into movies, they are bound to be soon enough.

4. No X-Men/Avengers crossover anytime soon

One of the most annoying parts of the onslaught of superhero movies over the past decade has been the fractured state of the Marvel world. Because the rights to their characters are owned by various studios, fans have long been denied seeing all those characters on screen together.

Brianna Hildebrand in a scene from the movie Deadpool. Photo / AP
Brianna Hildebrand in a scene from the movie Deadpool. Photo / AP

There was hope last year when Sony struck a deal to include Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and fans began counting down to the day Fox would hand back the rights to

Fantastic Four

after last year's attempted reboot bombed (to put it mildly). However, as


is doing fine without the


touch, and having a better debut than all but three MCU movies, it looks like the X-Men will continue to exist in their own little world for the time being.

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