Bachelorette Dani Robinson says she feels sexier than ever after breast enhancement surgery.

In a wide-ranging interview with Woman's Day, Robinson admits having surgery, says she's moving to London later this year, and denies rumours she's dating The X Factor NZ judge and I Am Giant drummer Shelton Woolright.

Robinson, who had her heart broken by Art Green when he chose Matilda Rice in the final of The Bachelor NZ, tells WD the surgery, taking her to a big B-cup or small C-cup, came after feeling self-conscious about her flat chest.

"I definitely feel more feminine and curvy. I'm still learning how to dress for them and how not to show them off. Usually I'd walk around in a bikini everywhere, but now I feel like everyone's staring at me. Everything in my wardrobe just looks sexier on me now," she tells WD.


The 23-year-old says she's taken up a work opportunity in London to establish a marketing team there.

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"I know it's going to be such a cool experience. I started working straight out of university, so I've never really traveled before. I'm ready for all the new challenges it will bring."

Over the past few months, Robinson has been heavily rumoured to be dating Woolright, putting on a loved-up display at a UB40 concert, and again at the premiere of The Hateful Eight at a Newmarket cinema.

But the 23-year-old says she is definitely single.

"I have been dating and testing the waters. But ever since I found out I was moving, finding someone hasn't been a priority ... I'm enjoying being single," she tells WD.