Another day, another bizarre slew of stream-of-consciousness tweets from Kanye West. But has he gone too far this time?

In the past 24 hours alone, Kanye has tweeted humblebrags about his celeb friends ("I have to call @FloydMayweather and @LeoDicaprio, I spoke to @MikeTyson yesterday"), announced that from now on he's "only working on kid's clothing ... full time", and posted a screenshot of an article asking 'Is Kanye the greatest artist of the 21st century?' with the typically humble headline "Now they know."

But it's one seemingly random tweet that's provoked the strongest reaction:

Beloved former comedian Cosby is currently in the midst of a large sexual assault investigation, with more than 60 women having come forward with allegations of sexual abuse. Most public figures who've spoken on the topic have voiced their support for the alleged victims, meaning Kanye's is not exactly a popular opinion.


Suffice to say, the internet is currently tearing him a new one: