Pop star Katy Perry might be on Derek Zoolander's bad side, if there is such a thing.

In a short video posted on to Perry's Instagram page on Wednesday Zoolander, portrayed by comedian Ben Stiller, shuts the pop singer down for singing the 80s jam Relax.

In the original film Relax was the mind-control trigger use to turn Zoolander into an assassin.

"Hey Katy, could you not sing that song. It brings up a lot of personal issues," Stiller asks in character as Zoolander.


Zoolander and Perry fans alike believe the short film might hint that Perry will make a cameo in Zoolander 2.

If Perry is in the film she will join fellow singer Justin Bieber who featured in the film's trailers.

Zoolander 2 premieres in New Zealand on February 11.