To answer the question of who will replace John Campbell, we need to understand who TV3 is targeting. So does TV3. The demographic for the programme regime has been skewing quite old, and ratings and advertising dollars show that's not working. Missing, too, is a female quotient. Simply put, something had to change.

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Campbell Live's counterpart, Seven Sharp, with Mike Hosking and Toni Street, rebranded a year ago aiming to snatch the 30-something household shopper, and has seen an influx of viewers, ratings and advertising spend.

Now TV3 is following suit. Odd that. Once TV3 lead the way, with their finger on the pulse and the chutzpah to push the boat out, but now they find themselves trailing TVNZ - 12 months behind.


TV3's failure to adapt their 7 o'clock proposition saw hard-working and respected female journos leave Campbell Live, including Rebecca Wright to Paul Henry's late-night show and now One News, Mihirangi Forbes to Maori TV and Rachel Smalley to Newstalk ZB. Their career path was not growing under Campbell who was unwilling to share the desk with a co-host.

So, who could present a new TV3 current affairs offering?

My money is on Hilary Barry and Duncan Garner. And here's why ...

They can go up against the broad appeal of Street

They have the common person approach

They are credible and formidable journalists

They are an antidote to Hosking, who can be alienating and elitist for some

Of course, Barry already has a new job - make that two jobs. But frankly, her talents are wasted on morning breakfast playing foil and sidekick to Paul Henry on a show pulling few more than 45,000 daily viewers.

Barry anchors 3 News at 6pm, too. 3 News is fighting its own ratings war, and losing - and for a number of reasons. But that's another conversation.

Other names being thrown into the 7pm mix include Amanda Gillies, Michael Morrah, Heather Du Plessis-Allen and Patrick Gower.