After almost a decade together, power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally tied the knot. Today New Idea revealed the couple's exclusive wedding photos - here are five weird things we noticed about the family's intimate affair:

A veil worth of scribbles

Angelina's full-length veil is a sight to be seen. Straying from tradition, the sheer veil has been hand-printed with with scribbles and drawings from the couple's six kids - inspired by special family moments. Among the illustrations, we spotted a few zebras, a couple of little dinosaurs and even one of Brad on his motorcycle.

Do the kids have colds?

Ring-beares Shiloh and Knox look like they're about to sneeze as they hold the ring pillows over each others faces. If this is the case, perhaps Shiloh should be rugged up rather than sporting Pharrell-esque suit shorts - which do, admittedly, look pretty cool - especially when matched with her top hat.

Weddings get boring

As Angelina sits on a set of steps, looking lovingly into daughter Zahara's eyes - with Vivienne trapped in the middle - everyone else in the photo looks, well, pretty bored. Especially eldest sons Maddox and Pax who seem severely unimpressed. Talk about your awkward family photo.

Holding back the giggles

As this was a happy occasion, there were more than a few laughs to be shared. However, as Brad recites his vows, looking a little lost, Shiloh and and Maddox look as if they're trying not to burst at the seams.


"All the children helped to write the vows" a source reported to New Idea - perhaps the kids managed to slip in some cheeky lines?

Creepy pixel man

Who is this creepy pixel-faced man in his grey suit and casual sneakers, recording the happy couple as they exit the tiny chapel room? Did something happen to his face deeming him not attractive enough to be included in the shot? Whatever the reason, he gives us the heebie-jeebies.

* Find photos of Brad and Angelina's wedding in New Idea out in Auckland today.